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General terms & conditions

1. Scope of application, contractual parties and conclusion of contracts
These Terms and Conditions apply for contracts for the renting of rooms for accommodation and all further associated services of the Clever Stay Hotel von Rotz AG (hereinafter referred to as “Hotel von Rotz”).

The contractual parties are Hotel von Rotz and the guest. If a third party has booked one or several rooms for the guest, they will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the concluded contract together with the guest. In such case, the guest and the third party will be jointly liable.

A contract is concluded if payment of the full booking total is made with a credit or debit card while making an online booking or while making a direct booking at the check-in terminal. Hotel von Rotz will send an electronic booking confirmation to the guest. Subletting or otherwise making the rented rooms available to third parties and using them for other purposes than as accommodation requires prior written consent by Hotel von Rotz.

By concluding the contract, the contractual party obtains the right to the commonly accepted use of the rented rooms and the facilities of the operations of Hotel von Rotz which are commonly available to the guests for their use without particular conditions. The guests are aware that Hotel von Rotz staff is available to a limited extent only and the guest must assume personal responsibility.

The contractual party must exercise their rights according to the house regulations.

2. Booking and cancellation
Bookings are made online or at the check-in terminal. Advance payment of the full booking price is to be made by credit or debit card.

Unless expressly agreed, the contractual party is not granted a claim to the provision of specific rooms.

After the contract has been established, the guest may cancel the contract until 7 days prior to the booked date. If the guest is granted a free cancellation right past the applicable 7-day period in writing by means of a special agreement, the guest may cancel the contract free of charge until such date. The cancellation right expires if the guest does not assert it in writing towards Hotel von Rotz until the agreed date. If no free cancellation right past the applicable 7-day period has been agreed in writing, Hotel von Rotz is entitled to charge the agreed prices upon cancellation of the guest and debit them from the guest’s credit card, unless the reason for the guest’s cancellation are circumstances Hotel von Rotz may be held responsible for. Hotel von Rotz recommends that you take out a travel cancellation insurance in any case.

If a free cancellation right of the guest within a specific period of time has been agreed in writing, Hotel von Rotz is also entitled to cancel the contract on its part if requests by other guests are made for the rooms booked under the contract and the guest does not relinquish their cancellation right upon request by Hotel von Rotz.

Furthermore, Hotel von Rotz is entitled to extraordinary cancellation of the agreement for example if:

  • Force majeure or other circumstances Hotel von Rotz may not be held responsible for make fulfilment of the contract impossible;
  • Rooms have been booked by provision of misleading or false information for material issues, e.g. the guest’s identity or the purpose;
  • Hotel von Rotz has reasonable cause to assume that claiming performance of the operations’ service may endanger smooth operation of the business, the safety or reputation of the operations in public without it falling into the domain or organizational area of Hotel von Rotz;
  • A breach of no. 1, paragraph 2 hereunder is present;
  • The guest uses the premises to their significant detriment or puts the other guests, the owner, his staff or any third parties living in the accommodation operations off their cohabitation due to their inconsiderate, offensive or otherwise grossly inappropriate behaviour or is guilty of an act subject to punishment towards the property, morals or physical safety of such persons;
  • The guest is infected with an infectious disease or a disease exceeding the duration of the accommodation or is otherwise in need of care;
  • The guest’s stay is illegal.

If Hotel von Rotz cancels the contract for the aforementioned reasons, the guest is not entitled to compensation of damages.

3. Check-in and check-out
Check-in is made via the terminal provided for such purpose. The terminal directly provides the guest with their room card once check-in has been completed. Upon leaving the operations of Hotel von Rotz, the room card must be dropped into the box provided for this purpose. On the day of arrival, the room will be available at 2 p.m. at the latest. On the agreed day of departure, the rooms must be vacated by 10 a.m. at the latest. Hotel von Rotz is entitled to charge the guest with another day’s fee if the rented rooms are not vacated on time. If a room is claimed earlier than 7:00 a.m. in the morning, the previous night is deemed the first night.

4. Prices and means of payment
All prices listed in the price lists, on websites or otherwise are in Swiss Francs and include applicable VAT. The prices arise from the concluded contract or the price list on which it is based. Changing to a booking entitle Hotel von Rotz to demand deviating prices, e.g. changing the number of the booked rooms or the duration of the guests’ stay.

We accept the following means of payment or rather credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diner’s Club
  • UnionPay
  • JCB
  • Twint
  • V PAY
  • Maestro card
  • Post Finance
  • American Express

Hotel von Rotz does not have a staffed reception desk; therefore, payment with cash or cheque is not possible.

5. No-smoking rule and fire protection
The following fire protection rules must be observed in the whole building of all operations of Hotel von Rotz. Only the objects and equipment provided as part of the room’s furnishings and fixtures may be used.

The use of electric kettles, ovens, toasters, immersion heaters, electric irons and similar equipment is prohibited.

If a guest attempts to wilfully deactivate the fire alarms, they will be charged with a fine of at least CHF1,000.00 per room. Furthermore, the guest will be charged with all consequential costs incurred. In accordance with the Swiss law on non-smoker protection and advertising tobacco products enacted on 13 December 2007, smoking is prohibited in the interior of the operations of Hotel von Rotz.

If the fire brigade is called by mistake or abusively, the perpetrator will be charged with a fine of at least CHF1,000.00 plus the costs incurred by the fire brigade’s deployment.

6. Children
Baby cribs must be reserved 24 hours prior to arrival by e-mail. They are free of charge.

7. Pets
Pets are not allowed at Hotel von Rotz.

The exception are service dogs for blind or deaf people or other comparable service dogs. They may be brought along free of charge and at any time.

8. Parking spaces
Free parking spaces and a loading bay for electric vehicles are available to all guests. Hotel von Rotz does not accept any liability for parking damage, theft or other damage to the vehicle during the guest’s stay.

For fire police reasons, vehicles parked illegally may be towed at the owner’s expense.

9. Services
Various snacks, drinks and hygienic articles are available to the guest against payment. Breakfast and drinks such as water, coffee and tea are included in the room charge.

10. Fixtures and furnishings
Hotel von Rotz has the following fixtures and furnishings: high-speed wi-fi in the whole hotel, free parking spaces, non-smoking rooms with high-quality fixtures and furnishings, automated ventilation with air conditioning, flat screen TV with international TV channels, safe with USB port and power socket, large desk and a balcony in all rooms.

11. Fitness and wellness
Hotel von Rotz provides its guests with a small gym area (with 9 pieces of workout equipment). The equipment is in a good condition. The use of the equipment is at the guest’s own risk, and there is no supervision provided. Hotel von Rotz does not accept any liability. Exercise is supposed to serve as a stress reliever. Guests in poor health or who are overtired should not use the gym area.

12. Liability
Hotel von Rotz is liable for the property brought in by the guests according to the applicable legal provisions. Liability of Hotel von Rotz only applies if such property has been entrusted to Hotel von Rotz or people authorised by Hotel von Rotz or were brought to a place indicated or determined by it.

We expressly refuse any liability for minor negligence. If the guest suffers damages or is not satisfied with the services of Hotel von Rotz, they must immediately advise Hotel von Rotz; otherwise, they may not assert any rights against it.

All claims towards Hotel von Rotz will fall under the statute of limitations after six months after the guest’s departure unless mandatory legal provisions provide for a longer term.

If the contractual party is an entrepreneur, liability for gross negligence is also excluded.

13. Internet
Hotel von Rotz provides access to the internet free of charge via wi-fi. Hotel von Rotz does not accept any liability for errors of performance of the internet, damages by third parties, imported data of all kinds (viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc.) and for links from and to other websites. Hotel von Rotz does not have any control over the content and form of external websites.

Hotel von Rotz cannot guarantee flawless functioning of hardware and software. Hotel von Rotz wishes to advise you that this page may contain technical inaccuracies or typographic errors.

Hotel von Rotz is not liable towards the guest or third parties for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages arising from using this website or a website linked herein in any case. It also excludes any liability for loss of profits, business interruptions, loss of programs or other data in the guest’s information systems. The same also applies if the possibility of such damages had been expressly indicated.

14. Data protection
Data protection is regulated separately on the website.

15. Final provisions
All information (including but not limited to prices, bookings, online calculations) is subject to change. Hotel von Rotz cannot guarantee that these data are always completely up-to-date. Hotel von Rotz reserves the right to amend or update the information on this page at any time and without previous announcement. The same also applies for improvements and / or modifications of the products described on this page.

Changes or amendments of the contract and the booking confirmation are made in writing at all times if possible and will be published on the website

Unilateral changes or amendments are invalid. By paying for the booking, the guest accepts the General Terms and Conditions.

This contract and all disputes arising hereunder are subject to Swiss law exclusively.

The place of jurisdiction is the domicile of Hotel von Rotz or the defendant’s regular place of jurisdiction.