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Sights and activities around Wil

A colourful mix of culture and nature

Not far from our hotel in Wil, you will find a colourful mix of sights in Eastern Switzerland you just can’t miss!

Wil – what’s nearby
  • Pilgrimage chapel Maria Dreibrunnen with a beautiful restaurant nearby, ten minutes’ walk away
  • Excursion to the Wil Tower with a wonderful panoramic view (from the Austrian Alps to the Eiger and Mönch in the Bernese Alps)
  • Visit of the old town of Wil with a guided tour of the Hof zu Wil (the former summer residence of the abbots of St. Gallen)
St. Gallen
  • Baroque Cathedral with Abbey Library (UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Varied cultural, museum, and theatre offerings
  • Medieval old town and the largest contiguous pedestrian zone in Europe
  • Numerous museums, festivals, and parks
Hiking in the Alpstein mountains
  • Enjoyable hiking in Appenzeller Land
  • Numerous hiking trails, from easy to demanding
  • Enjoy refreshments in 27 mountain huts
  • Quickly reach lofty heights with six ropeways
Zoos and animal parks
  • Snake zoo Eschlikon with over 220 venomous and non-venomous snakes from all over the world
  • Peter & Paul wildlife park, the local recreation area near St. Gallen
  • Walter Adventure Zoo in Gossau with around 700 animals (120 different animal species)